ACCPAC Advantage Series delivers a full suite of financial and operational modules
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Inventory Control
Order Entry
Purchase Orders
Corporate Reporting and Management Information
Alerts, KPI and Goal Seeking
Sales Analysis
Point of Sale

Advantage Series

ACCPAC for Windows leverages industry standard technologies, including Windows, Windows NT, Novell Netware, Microsoft BackOffice and SQL. This architecture delivers a solution that will stand the test of time,.

protecting your investment; and, thereby, increasing competitive advantage. ACCPAC's object-oriented and multi-tiered architecture increases the functionality of its business management solutions by making them quickly adaptable to existing and emerging operating systems, databases, and user interfaces, as well as enhancing processing flexibility and efficiency, as your business needs evolve. Because ACCPAC for Windows supports the industry's leading integration standards, including ODBC, OLE Automation, ActiveX controls, VBA and DDE, it works seamlessly with many other products. For example, information such as budget data entered into Excel can dynamically update ACCPAC, eliminating the cumbersome task of exporting data from one application and importing it into another.

ACCPAC Advantage series looks set to stand the test of time with SOAP enabled business objects and web services available to deliver Microsoft’s .NET vision of the future inter-connected business world. However, ACCPAC is open to all new technologies and Linux is growing in adoption and supported at both client and server level allowing a windows free or mixed environment as required.

Advantage Series ships with Crystal Enterprise – a superbly feature rich product not only providing a reporting engine but a corporate information system with full Web/HTML publishing capabilities.Finally, ACCPAC Advantage Series may be implemented in a standard client server implementation or using our web deployment manager for wide area networking, subject to reliable internet connections being available.

With ACCPAC Advantage Series the choice of database (DB2, MS SQL, Pervasive SQL, Oracle) operating system (Windows, Novell, Linux) and delivery method (licensed or hosted) means deciding on your new financial system does not require any compromises and can fit with your corporate operating policies.

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