ACCPAC key features include:

- Fully integrated end-to-end business management

· Compete anywhere, anytime.
· Flexible data analysis tools
- informed business decisions and
- respond rapidly to market changes.
· Real-time queries and reports
· Multicompany and multicurrency
- intercompany transactions and consolidations
- Alerts enhance communications from your company's back office, front office and e-commerce systems


The primary attribute is product integration. All of these applications integrate bi-directionally with the core accounting products, the foundation for any business. The accounting system is the conduit for transaction flow from allthese applications, whether it’s a

CRM user entering a sales quote or an HR user accessing payroll information, the common denominator is the accounting system. ACCPAC provides integration out of the box and maintains it on an on-going basis so you can spend more of your time running your business and less time trying to get internal systems to work.
The accounting system is the heart of any successful business and ACCPAC provide the following core modules designed to streamline your procedures and provide control over your assets and staff

From financial decision making to processing payrolls, from sales force automation to redefining processes via the Net, only ACCPAC Advantage Series puts business critical information at your fingertips — and turns it into a competitive advantage.

The second attribute is Business to Business Integration, providing the ability to exchange business transactions from one business to another – without human intervention – saving a great deal of time and money. B2B integration is delivered in conjunction with IBM providing complete integration with Internet Based EDI. ACCPAC brings affordable B2B integration to the SMB market.

The third attribute of ACCPAC End-to-End Business Management Applications is Web and Wireless Integration. This allows you to make your business applications accessible to an expanded universe. To stay competitive, access must be given to an expanded universe which includes your customers, partners, suppliers and soon enough, online trading communities. This newly expanded universe must be accessible using traditional devices and via the Web/Wireless devices. This is a critical extension of any business network.

While any of the products are available individually, and are best of breed level products in their own right, they also provide an enhanced value proposition because they are also components of an End-to-End Business Management Applications Suite. This is the key differentiator between ACCPAC and other ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors). With ACCPAC, you are guaranteed a future proof solution that can be delivered in phases or additional products added as your business grows together with the peace of mind that they integrate seamlessly out-of-the-box eliminating expensive and time-consuming integration work.

ACCPAC – The Future of Better Business


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