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[ what is absalom ]

A leading edge integrated people management system providing significant strategic,

operational and bottom line benefits to your organisation. Delivered in a user-friendly

environment, ABSALOM provides comprehensive functionality across all aspects of the

people management function.

The ABSALOM People Management System is delivered as a core system with optional

modular components:

Core System

• Training Management

• Workflow

• Industrial Relations

• Build Query Function

• CV/Job History

• Data Extraction facilities

• Individual Employee Management

• Stores & Loans

• Organisational Management

• Documentation

• Security, Access & Function Rights

• Data Filter Facility

• Pay Management

• Leave Management

• Ad Hoc Report Writer

• Management Statistics

• Suite of Standard Reports

• Audit Trail

• Salary Review

• Custom Forms & Fields


• Intranet-enabled Employee Self-Service

• Performance Management

• Development & Succession Planning

• Occupational Health & Safety



[ key benefits ]

Retention of Key Employees

Retention of key employees is paramount in today’s highly competitive business

environment. High employee turnover constitutes a significant cost to an organization.

Minimum direct cost associated with employee turnover equals a multiple of the total

annual remuneration of the departing employee.

ABSALOM provides your organisation with the tools to:

• Identify, develop and retain your best performers.

• Reduce employee turnover through implementing employee retention

strategies including:

- Effective performance management

- Training

- Development

- Remuneration packaging

- Career planning

- Succession Planning

Corporate Productivity

Management and human resource professionals must be freed of time consuming

administrative tasks. ABSALOM ensures:

• Once-only data entry to reduce processing time

• Bulk allocation of information (e.g. employee transfers, training courses)

• Automation of routine tasks

• Workflow to streamline business processes

• Devolvement of menial tasks through employee and managerial self service

• Easily import information to eliminate manual data entry

Management and human resource professionals can then focus on strategic

value-adding initiatives.

Our business is about people. Specific and accurate data is necessary - Absalom morphs

 the data to valuable, useful information. The Absalom HR Information System assisted us

 with refocusing on the human aspect of each employee. I am encouraged to use the system

 to suit my needs in an environment where I can direct how much assistance I require

from the Absalom consultants. The consultants are my partners in finding solutions. They

consistently upgrade their programme not only to comply with legislative requirements,

but also to make the Human Resources administration side easier for the team.

 Absalom and the SQL database dovetails into our current IT-strategy.

Elize Janse van Rensburg                                                                                                          Human Resources                                                                                                                 Glenrand MIB

We at South African Breweries International - Africa have chosen the Absalom People

Management System as our HRIS system for our African operations. Each brewery has its

own ABSALOM system providing them with accurate and timely access to their HR

information. Fast and effective implementation, combined with a user-friendly design

and comprehensive training has given SABI Africa an affordable solution for 8 of its

sites in Africa.

Derek Kemp                                                                                                Executive IT Manager                                                                                        South African Breweries International

We chose ABSALOM as our HRIS system because it provided everything that we wanted

 in a system and more. The Absalom team were terrific, they really listened to our needs

and used the systems flexibility to meet them. Unlike some systems we looked at, we found

ABSALOM easy to get around. I'm confident that by purchasing ABSALOM we are getting the best value HR system around.

Shelley Holst                                                                                                   Director HR                                                                                                    Budget Rent a Car                                                                                                 Australasia


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