Why Choose D-Bit Payroll?
Approved and recommended by the Swaziland Commissioner of taxes
Up to 40 000 employees per hour
Full Statutory Reporting for Swaziland and Mozambique with Electronic Returns
Windows Based
SNPF Reports, FDS001 and IRP5 Reports, INSS Reporting Backed by over 20 years combined consulting experience
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D-Bit Payroll

The AM Group are the appointed distributors of D-Bit Payroll in both Swaziland and Mozambique and boast in excess of 100 installed sites. Our payroll solution is a true 32 Bit Windows system, designed to manage and control both the financial and

organisational aspects of personnel employment whilst reducing administration and enhancing information availability.The system supports multiple companies and within each Company, unlimited payrolls are possible. Each specific payroll within each Company can be processed and reported on separately. The powerful group processing feature allows consolidated reporting.

Real Time Processing – Up to 40,000 Employees per Hour
D-Bit payroll utilises real-time processing so there is nothing to calculate at month end as all processing has taken place giving you the benefit of distributed processing over the payroll period.

Batch Editor
Used extensively for processing variable data. The key advantage is that data is processed and pre-balanced before updating the payroll. Batches may also be reversed if required.
Image Enabled Employees may have their own photograph attached to the system. The photograph is visible on screen and may be printed to payslips to aid in positive identification of pay recipients. Any number of scanned documents can be attached to the employee record. These can include identity documents, driver’s licences, certificates etc.

Location image maps allow you to physically locate employees by looking at the visual representation. The scanned image may be a top view of the workplace or an organisational chart.

Time and attendance
Gives you flexibility to use a file created by an existing system or use the option to create your own using Microsoft Excel.

D Bit utilises the industry standard crystal reports to produce all the listing reports for filing whilst the payslip uses a proprietary reporter for security purposes.

All the master files are designed to allow an experienced user to add additional fields to the record. These user-defined fields are then available throughout the system for input, calculation and reporting. The system itself has up to 255 x 255 levels of security access.
Integration with ACCPAC Advantage Series accounting solution allows for quick and easy month end processing and removes the need for costly re-entering of data.

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